The Member of Parliament for Busongora south, Hon. Jackson Kathika has called for calm among his mountaineous electorates over the delayed water projects by government that stalled over the COVID-19 threats.

Speaking to Kasese guide radio at White house gardens yesterday, Hon. Kathika who hopes for the best said that government is very committed about ther the two water projects of Mbunga-Nyakazinga and Dunguluha whose design contractors had been identified but frustrastrated by the COVID 19 pandemic. Hon. Kathika speaking1…

Hon. Kathika, a lawyer by profession later used the same platform to inform his electorates that he had been cleared for nomination by their FDC head quarters for the Kasese district FDC Office to register him for their party primaries. Hon. Kathika speaking3……….

Earlier, he had said that he was hopeful that government funding of model parishes would go on after Uganda is cleared of COVID-19. END.


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