Meanwhile, Gen. David Muhoozi the State Minister for Internal Affairs has assured Ugandans that the government will defeat the current wave of terror attacks in the country.

Presenting a statement on the Komamboga and Lungala incidents, Muhoozi said security is following all leads in the attacks to apprehend the culprits.

Muhoozi told Parliament yesterday that Uganda had faced similar threats before in its rural and urban dimensions but were contained defeated and that security resolve is tested.

He revealed that at the two blast scenes, numerous objects were recovered which include metallic fragments, block synthetic wrap, and nails among others.

However, Speaker Jacob Oulanyah said security can do better to prevent such attacks.

Mr. Oulanyah recalled that the British High Commission in Kampala issued a terror alert and within a few days, it happened, wanting to know what Britain knows that Uganda doesn’t know.

Gen. Muhoozi who maintained that other information are classified and be self for security to deal with, reminded Parliament that keeping security is a role of every Ugandan. END


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