Fresh flash floods have reportedly claimed the life of a thirteen-year-old child and destroyed various property and crops in Bundibugyo District.  

The deceased minor has been identified as Nzebere Bwambale, a resident of Kitehe village in Kasitu parish in Kasitu Sub County. 

The floods swept through Ntandi town council and Kasitu Sub County following heavy rains that pounded the area between 1am and 6am, forcing River Nyabulere and Nyabughesere to burst their banks.

Mr. Asaba Galibulha, the Ntandi Town Council LC III Chairperson who said that more than 800 households are estimated to have been affected by the floods partly blamed the challenges to UNRA that under estimates river volumes while building bridges. Mr. Asaaba…..

Mr. Ronald Mutegeki, the Bundibugyo District LC V Chairperson, says they are currently assessing the level of destruction in collaboration with Uganda Red Cross Society and compile a report for submission to the Office of the Prime Minister for assistance as UNR assess the damage. Mr. Mutegeki speaking……

In Kasese, the district FDC chairman, Mr. Saulo Matte who announced a pledge of one million shillings to the affected families in Bundibugyo, called for support to the bereaved family, before asking FDC members in Kasese to contribute to. Mr. Saulo Matte speaking…..

May his soul rest in Peace. END


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