Local pharmaceutical Company Cipla Quality Chemicals Industries will this weekend produce its first quantities of malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, which has also been used in the treatment of people with Coronavirus Disease.

The company Executive Director Nevin J. Bradford told the press that they received raw materials that are sufficient for 300,000 doses initially.

Production of the drug, however, starts at the time of controversy about the effectiveness of the drug with the World Health Organization  announcing on Monday that the drug had been removed from the list of drugs that they were giving to patients participating in their global treatment trial dubbed ‘solidarity’ which has over 17 countries involved.  

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the WHO Director-General told journalists that they decided this removal after new evidence emerged that patients who used the drug either alone or in a combination of an antibiotic had higher mortality rates and heart problems than those who were not.

With these findings, Dr Diana Atwine, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health told Journalists today that while the production is welcome, they are no longer keen about having this drug.

Dr. Atwine on Drugs Speaking;…..


Mr. Bradford explained that while the first production is specific to the response, they are set to broaden their product portfolio to include the manufacture of medicine for the treatment of cardiovascular conditions, diabetes and cancer.

However, apart from the new drug, CIPLAQC also makes anti-malarial drug Lumartem,  and antiviral drugs for HIV which are sold across the region.    

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