FDC Flag bearers in Kasese Municipality have declared fourteen days of intensive vote mobilization aimed at traversing votes to their success in the forthcoming General elections.

Addressing the media last evening, the FDC Flag bearer for the Kasese Municipal MP seat and group leader, Hon. Gideon Ntabose said that their party wasn’t surprised about the suspension of political campaigns in the opposition`s key district.

Mr. Ntaboose who did not declare what alternative campaign platforms they would use said however that the declare fourteen days were aimed at consolidating and guarding their vote against what they called the corrupt regime. Hon. Ntabose speaking1…….

The Kasese Municipal FDC Mayoral seat aspirant, Mr. Chance Kahindo described their new declaration as a tough measure to get the vote theta will see them in the position of leadership so as to have a better taste of pro people leaders. Mr. Chance speaking……

Earlier, Mr. Ntaboose had announced plans to form what they called the G 30, who are mandated to guard their FDC vote in each of the cells in Kasese Municipality. END.


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