Planning together, love, living in peace and harmony should be among the main pillars for every newly-wedded couples to build strong marriage and fulfill the vows made before the laity, the Director St. Joseph Muscat -Kyaminyawande Hospital, Fr. Peter Basaliza Mubunga has said.

In his Homily while presiding over a Holy Matrimonial Mass of Mr. Rogers Kule and dear wife Ms Mary Kighoma at Our Lady of Assumption Kasese Cathedral Church, Fr. Basaliza called for a need for couples to always plan together before any development takes initial stages as well as understanding and respecting ones career.

Fr. Basaliza speaking ….

He asked the newly couple not to be a burden to each other but rather be loyal, kind, lovely and peace makers to each other for the success of their family. Fr Basaliza speaking 2…

Ms. Resi Ndathu Masika and Nyesi Masika the Mother and Aunt to Ms. Mary Kighoma respectively urged their daughter to be submissive to her husband and carry her obligation with care, respect and love.

Ms. Masika Resi and Nyesi speaking ……

During Mass Fr. Peter Basaliza was assisted by Rev. Fr. Augustine Masereka director Kasese guide Radio, Rev. Fr. Joseph Mbusa the Diocesan Education Secretary, Rev. Fr. Charles Kagheni Kitswamba Parish Priest and Rev. Fr. Thomas Tusigwire among others. END


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