The Executive Director, United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS, Ms Winnie Byanyima has said she doesn’t understand why government decided to imprison her husband, Dr. Warren Kiiza Besigye instead of focusing on the issues he raised.

Ms Byanyima who yesterday visited Dr. Besigye currently at Murchison Bay, Luzira Prison, said former bush war fighter looks well and his spirit of liberating Uganda is strong.

She said that she wants to understand why a man who is protesting high fuel and food prices and calling for measures to cushion the poor and unemployed is in prison while some military officers who are expressing partisan views on social media are free.

She asked for the immediate release of Besigye and all political prisoners, adding that the government should address the issues that were raised concerning commodity prices.

Dr. Besigye who is also the leader of the People’s Transition Group was arrested couple of weeks ago from downtown Kampala while protesting against high commodity prices and taken into custody.

This was the second time Buganda Road Court was remanding Besigye in a period of less than a month on similar charges. END


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