As Uganda continues to rollout Astra Zeneca COVID -19 vaccine to categories of people as high risk of the virus, Ms Veronica Biira Kima, the in Charge for Karusandara Health center three has warned the community against being misled by misconceptions peddled against the vaccine.

Speaking to Kasese guide radio shortly after vaccinating the health workers at Karusandara health center three yesterday, Ms Veronica said that embracing vaccination would safeguard lives against COVID-19, as well as what she called Corona wave three that is threatening Uganda`s neighboring Kenya. Ms Veronica speaking……

Ms Evas Musoki, a midwife at the facility called for community confidence in the vaccine she said had dispelled her fears dealing with patients and built her confidence as a health worker.

Ms Evas speaking…..

One of the Village Health teams at the Health center, Mr. John Bigirwa described as mere speculation for anybody to assert that the vaccine has unbearable effects.

The World Health organization declared as safe the Astra Zeneca COVID -19 vaccine.  END


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