About twenty five cases of Diarrhea have been reported in Karusandara internally displaced people`s camp allegedly over unclean and safe water.

Addressing a district disaster Management coordination meeting at Rwenzori International Hotel in Kasese Town, the coordinator for Malteser international, Ms. Laura Beutler who said they were working around the clock for a solution revealed that their organization which responsible for distributing clear and safe water to people encamping in Kasese District have been limited by the district`s failure to fuel their water browsers supply water. Ms. Beutler speaking ……


Mr. Tadeo Muhindo Matwese, the Acting Assistant town clerk for Kyalhumba town council who represented the district CAO said that whereas machinery was already in the district to disilt valleys, plans were being advanced by the health department to sensitise the community on how to prepare water for drinking. Mr. Tadeo speaking..


Mr. Tadeo later said that the district was making a plan to relocate the Kanyangeya camp now that the ground has kept wet as the Kasese local government ponders on a possibility of having a permanent place to house disaster victims in future. Mr. Tadeo speaking……


In his address, the Kasese District disaster logistics officer, Mr. Rauben Mbauta proposed that people giving relief support should also provide for transport now that his office cannot do much to reach the disaster victims over logistical challenges. Mr. Mbauta speaking…….


Mr. Mbauta had earlier asked the relief beneficiaries to be more economical and also protect the little they have as the district stores dry up. END  


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