“Fathers, emulate St. Peter, the Apostle or have failed families, Rt. Rev. Nason Baluku, the Bishop for South Rwenzori Diocese has warned.

During Sunday service that also included the celebrations of the fathers` union on the St. Peter`s day yesterday, Bishop Nason described Dr. Peter as true father, husband, servant of God and teacher who provided and guided his family despite his busy schedule with his Master, Christ.

He also asked children to be disciplined, listen and respect their parents to have life. Bishop Nason Speaking……


In his sermon, the Rev. Aaron Muratha, an Anglican Men Association coordinator for Mount Kenya Diocese asked Christians to learn from the Biblical Zakayo who rightly positioned himself to have a good at Christ despite his limited height at a big gathering. Rev. Muratha Speaking….


Mr. Yofesi Masereka Rich man asked parents tom lead by example, saying he had been cheated for not being a member of Fathers` Union yet a key founder member of the Anglican Diocese of South Rwenzori. Mr. Richman speaking……


Mrs. Helen Mugisha, a mothers` Union member congratulated the fathers upon celebrating their day, asking mothers to fulfill their role of guiding their homes than behaving in a manner that misleads. END.


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