Mr. Safari Martin, the local council three chairperson for Central Division in Kasese Municipality has said government funding of groups under Luwero-Rwenzori development program is a revolving money project that requires faithfulness by the beneficiaries if more people were to benefit.

Addressing the seven benefiting groups in Central Division today, Mr. Safari who said the Community Parish Association were key targets if the funds, asked the groups to avoid luxuries but spend the money as planed so as to reach other groups. Mr. Safari speaking…….

The loans officer for the Kasese town center, Mr. Kamili Bwambale who said they were organizing finance literacy trainings for the groups, added that the 3% interest was low to enable the beneficiaries refund the money as required. Mr. Kamili speaking……..

The chairperson for Kasese Town center parish community associations Mr. Neckson Baluku said the 22 million shillings was only targeting groups that met the requirements.

Most beneficiaries talked to, appreciated the efforts by the government of Uganda to improve their living conditions.

Tweyambe tax park savings and credit, Charcoal women savings and credit, town center savings and credit and St. Mark savings and credit were some of the groups that benefited. END


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