The Attorney General has filed a notice of appeal challenging the recent Constitutional Court ruling on the Public Order Management Act- POMA.

The ruling delivered on March 26 nullified section 8 of POMA which gave Police discretionary powers to the Inspector General of Police who in turn can delegate or authorize any other officer to stop or prevent the holding of public meetings.

However, in the notice of appeal, the Attorney General says that he is dissatisfied with the Judgment of Cheborion Barishaki, Geoffrey Kiryabwire, Elizabeth Musoke and Justice Kenneth Kakuru who were part of the panel that also included Justice Stephen Musota who disagreed with the majority decision.

Last month, a Judgment of four Constitutional Court Judges against one nullified section 8 of the POMA citing that it violated the constitutional freedom of assembly and the right to demonstrate peacefully and unarmed. END


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