All judges may be called upon to hear election petitions; 127 on standby.

Judges in all courts across the country are to put aside all they have been handling and give attention to disputes that may arise from the forth-coming elections.

Speaking to Journalists in Kampala yesterday, Jamson Karemani, the Judiciary Spokesperson, said when it comes to election petitions, all judges from divisions like criminal and civil, among others will be called upon to come and beef-up the manpower for handling petitions. 

He noted that the Judiciary of Uganda is now prepared to handle all disputes that may arise from the forthcoming elections and appealed to all those engaging in the exercise to respect the rule of law while rest assured that the courts will be there to handle all the grievances that may arise, and this will be done in fair and timely manner.

Karemani said all election petitions and grievances will be received at the court registries located in the areas where the voting exercise will be conducted. Mr. Karemire on court petitions;…

Karemani said across the country, at least forty-three chief magistrates, fifty-seven high court judges, sixteen court of appeal justices and eleven justices from the supreme court – a total of 127  have been trained, given all the requirements needed in order to execute grievances arising during and after elections.

During 2016 elections, available documents show that over 200 petitions were registered and according to Karemani, most were disposed but are still pending in the court of Appeal.  END .

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