High court sitting in Kasese district yesterday(02nd.November.2021) started plea bargaining of fifty criminal cases, with aggravated defilement having the highest number.

During Pre-session, the High court Judge Hon. Justice Emmy Mugabo said out of fifty criminal cases thirty seven are for aggravated defilement and six murder cases that will be handled through Plea Bargaining as a means to address the challenges of gender based Violence among others. 

Hon. Justice Mugabo speaking…


During the court session Mr. Hosea Kule was convicted and sentenced to eight years imprisonment after taking plea of guilty to murder.

Court heard that while in Nyamughona two village in Bwera Sub County on 2.June.2020 he reportedly murdered late Amon Muhindo a Business man in Bwera Sub County. Mr. Hosea accepting murder…


In the same court, Counsel Kanyonyi Luke from Masereka C and Co. advocates representing a murder suspect, Ms. Edith Kicongo asked court to amend the charge sheet from Murder to Manslaughter since she never practically participated in the murder. Counsel Kanyonyi…..


Subsequently, Mr. Kabundu Mumbere was also sentenced for Ten years imprisonment deducting three years spend on remand, after hearing that on 21.March.2019 while at Hamukungu landing site in Lake Katwe sub- county reportedly beat his wife until death after failing to serve him food yet he had not left any single coin to purchase Food.

The Lenient sentence came after his defense lawyer Counsel, Geoffrey Mishelle from Bagenda and Co advocates asked court to give lenient sentence since the convict is the bread winner for his nine children and first time offender.Counsel Mishelle speaking…


Earlier, the deputy RDC Kasese district ,Mr. Joshua Masereka had asked court to give heavier punishments to defilers whom he said are negatively affecting the Future of the young Girls.Mr. Joshua speaking….




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