A pregnant woman was last evening reportedly rushed to Kilembe mines Hospital after sustaining bullet wound from Babinga cell in Kirembe ward, Central division, Kasese Municipality.

The Chairperson LC 3 for central Division in Kasese Municipality Mr. Safari Martin confirmed the information and identified the Victim as Ms Dezaji Kabugho who was shot in the abdomen by bullet as thieves took away with money from the shop of Mr. Aron Muheka in Babinga cell, Kasese municipality. Mr. Safari ………….


The Chairperson LC one for kirembe cell in Kasese Municipality Mr. Lawrence Bwambale attributed increased theft cases to poverty among the local population as a result of Covid-19 before he asked his electorates to be sleeping early so that they can establish the possible cause for such incidents. Mr. Lawrence speaking…………. 


Just over the weekend a mobile money agent was robbed of her money in Kihalimu cell in central division in the same way. END.


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