A 26 year old man is reported stuck with medical bills at Kilembe mines Hospital in Kasese district with a call on Good Samaritans to come to his rescue.

The Hospital administrator Kilembe mines Hospital Mr. Onizimus Kibaya who said the patient was steadily recovering confirmed the information and identified the needy man as Mr. Edwin Baluku also known as Atalifa Young stars in his artistic industry.

Mr. Kibaya who kept the bill and sickness private said that the patient had asked him to publicize his need now that he has no caretaker and food is provided by the hospital. Mr. Kibaya speaking………


Mr. Edwin Baluku Atalifa who can hardly be understood by a listener on rush, asked for help from Good Samaritans and especially from Mr. Lhusenge Thembo and Chance Kahindo, an artist in Kasese and Mayor Kasese Municipality. Mr. Edwin speaking………..


Earlier, Mr. Kibaya also asked the patient`s family to come up and care for their son. END.


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