139 households left puzzled in Muhokya internally displaced camp.

One hundred thirty nine households have been left puzzled after the Verification exercise at Muhokya internally displaced Camp approved only one hundred fifty households for permanent settlement.

Addressing media shortly after the screening exercise, the Kasese RDC, Lt. Joe Walusimbi said only one hundred fifty households will remain in the Camp for being victims of floods, unlike the screened out family holders who were coming basically to benefit from the supplies.

Lt Walusimbi speaking……..

Ms Aisha Namubiru faulted the verification exercise which according to her did not follow the right procedures to pick the right victims.

Ms Namubiru…….

The Camp Chairperson Mr. Julius Kule Monday welcomed the initiative, saying it will help him to manage the required number than mixture of people who were staying in the camp for benefits.

Mr. Monday speaking……………

During the Exercise six people were arrested and detained for five hours at Muhokya police over forgeries for benefits. END.

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